The Augmented Marketer

From cold Internet of things to internet of caring things

The Third Wave, embrace the new accelerators

Consider it as your mandatory stop to prepare your next annual marketing strategy, in link with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

It's clear that we are at the beginning of the innovation era: the third Wave of consumerism, where new behaviours are in need of an approriate marketing response.

How will you keep track of Brand, Tech, Data and Media changes?
How will it impact the future of your business?
How to build a strong strategy whilst taking advantage of this new reality?

The Third Wave is an inspirational session that can be followed with a hands-on workshops.
You’ll gain deep insights in the innovations and walk back home with a crystal-clear path towards your future.

The role of marketer is in perpetual evolution

For a couple of years, Marketers have the ability to work in what we like to call an “Augmented Eco-System” and this could make him/her an Augmented Marketer.
Therefore, the skills required and priorities to succeed have dramatically changed.
As an integrated agency, we face the same challenges as every other organizations, when it comes to (digital) transformation.

Sylvie Irzi, COO IPG Mediabrands

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"A trend is a curated observation of the accelerated present"

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Turn trends into actions

This session is presented and guided by our Strategy Team, bringing to you the latest of SXSW, CES2017 and their numerous interviews with top decision-makers.

Latest Marketing trends, Adblocking, Viewability, consumer journey, data strategy, right time marketing, marketing automation, Last click attribution, CPCVi, Voice, Native Advertising, Influencers, Dark Social, Multiscreen strategy, Moments Marketing, Blockchain and much more.

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