Innovate through media trends

Trends that drive business growth

The concept

Our experts will regularly update your marketing team about the hot marketing trends on media channels. Today and tomorrow.

Hot topics like Adressable TV, Digital Out of Home, 9 ways to do Online video, Programmatic Radio, DAB+, Virtual and Augmented reality, the rise of OTT and many more.

Deep-dive insights are combined with a co-creation brand workshop that transform trends into actionable innovation for your brand. In order to achieve the brand growth that is desired, that is the key.

Media Basics: because good questions outrank easy anwsers

Over time, media professionals have been cultivating an unique and complex jargon. We think it is time to unravel it.

Our experts will deliver the needed enlightment on the basic principles of media planning and buying.

Next to the mass media planning & buying essentials: TV, Radio, OOH, Cinema, Magazines, Newspapers and social media –
we share our expertise on a vast number of media topics.

Just ask us the question and we will come back with an answer:
Adblocking, Viewability, Pixelstuffing, Last click attribution, Pewdiepie, CPCVi, Cord Severing, Snapchat Stories, Native Advertising, Influencers versus Ambassadors, Paid Social, Vertical Viewing, Deep web, Dark Post, Dark Social, Sequential Storytelling, Lookalike Audiences, Data Management Platform, Affinity Segments, Dynamic Creative Optimisation, Mutliscreen strategie, Youtube versus Premium local Video, Moments Marketing, Real Time Marketing, Waze, Spotify, Shazam, Snapchat,, Littlstar, Hooti, Tumblr, Blockchain, Tsu, Trombi, Pinterest, Flickr, We heart it, Daily-motion, Vimeo,, Vine, Periscope, Blab, Mixbit, Twitch, Keek, Deezer, Soundcloud, Telegram, …

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