From a 'media-first' approach to a 'customer value first' approach

Our approach

Our approach with this session is to help you understand the best split between each media and touchpoints to reach your audience effectively while measuring it.


The changing media landscape will continue to shift and the number of touchpoints have been multiplied dramatically this last decade.

Technology plays an important role and increases the speed of communications. While some of us still prefer to read printed newspapers and magazines, listening to the radio and watch linear TV, like it or not, the world has gone digital and social.

Therefore, most of the traditional media are adapting themselves and are embracing this change. Everything goes fast and it will never go slow again.

The consumers are making their voice heard and they don't want to be interrupted by messages that don't bring them any added value. The ad blocker issue is one of the results of this evolution.

So, it is time to think in terms of relevance for the consumers.

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