Wave 9

The meaning of moments

About Wave 9

Surveying over 52,000 people in 78 countries around the world, Wave 9: The Meaning of Moments, builds on ten years of global social tracking.

Wave was established in 2006 and today is the largest and longest-running study of its kind. This year, using an analysis of over 60 billion online consumer interactions, Wave 9 profiles the hundreds of moments in people’s lives when brands have the opportunity to be relevant, from family to professional, from the everyday to special occasions.

Within each moment, the data delves into 20 emotional need states, providing an unrivalled breadth and depth of audience insight and giving advertisers a powerful blueprint to provide the right messages via the right touchpoints.

What's in it for you?

This survey gives a clear message, the attention of consumers is becoming shorter.

This makes it vital, for all who work in the communications and advertising industry, to understand the life moments when a brand can be relevant to consumers and to their emotional needs in this very moment.

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