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Never Say ‘MINI’ to a MINI John Cooper Works. It will bite your leg off.

by Danny Devriendt - MD IPG Dynamic // 05 Sep 2018

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In the frenetic preparation for my 100.000 miles project, my friends of MINI Belgium came with a spectacular addition to the mix: a MINI Clubman John Cooper Works as mobile interview studio!

Look, I do like cars. Nimble, fast cars with a lot of attitude. I have a 911, a Lotus 7 and an Audi Quattro smiling at me most mornings. But when I went to pick up the MINI JCW a couple of weeks ago, it put a grin on my face the size of Manhattan.

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by Noelle Stevens - Trade Marketing Director // 13 Jul 2018

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Le 19 juillet, l’ensemble des collaborateurs d’UM Worldwide se mobilisent pour des bonnes causes. Le temps d’une journée citoyenne, ils travailleront main dans la main avec diverses  associations humanitaires et ONG.

UM Belgique a choisi de collaborer avec la Croix-Rouge de Belgique, acteur de référence dans le domaine de l'action humanitaire.

Les 15 collaborateurs d’UM se rendront, avec leurs pinceaux, au centre d'accueil pour demandeurs d'asile de la Croix-Rouge d’Alsemberg, afin de repeindre l’intérieur du bâtiment. Ce centre est ouvert depuis 1998 et accueille plus d’une centaine de demandeurs d’asile.

Se rencontrer pour mieux se connaître !

« Ce projet a immédiatement créé l’enthousiasme parmi tous mes collaborateurs. Cette journée représente beaucoup pour moi. En effet, je suis convaincue qu’’une des meilleures façons d’aider la Croix-Rouge c’est de se rendre sur le terrain. », ajoute Nathalie L’Hoir, Managing Director UM Belgium.

Retrouvez-nous le 19 juillet prochain sur nos pages Facebook et Linkedin, pour suivre notre mobilisation.


How IPG’s acquisition of Acxiom Marketing Solutions will supercharge growth for our clients.

by Noelle Stevens - Trade Marketing Director // 12 Jul 2018

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Arun Kumar, chief data and marketing technology officer at IPG Mediabrands, will play a central role in integrating Acxiom Marketing Solutions (AMS) into the holding company.

“AMS, for us, is a big bet on the future,” Arun Kumar said. “This changes the very character and nature of our holding company.”

AMS allows IPG to manage first-party data while protecting privacy, which is crucial in today’s regulatory environment, Kumar said.

“I don’t think you can be a holding company and not have the capability to work with data in an ethical fashion,” he said. “If we’re going to be held accountable for how data is being sourced and used, it makes sense to own that process rather than rely on third parties.”

AMS will also put IPG’s AMP platform, which already leverages Acxiom’s ID to build and target audiences for clients, “on steroids,” Kumar said.

AMS will operate as a standalone entity under IPG so it can continue working with current clients, many of which are IPG competitors. Owning AMS puts IPG in the data-selling business and changes its philosophy on renting versus owning data.

“We think we can still continue to be agnostic and have our own data assets,” Kumar said.

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Source AdExchanger.

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Posters by McCann London render Tennis players in Edwardian dress

by Noelle Stevens - Trade Marketing Director // 11 Jul 2018

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Wimbledon is well under way in London, and it's being advertised by an outdoor campaign in the city that brings a vintage illustrative style to the tennis championships.

Themed around the notion that 'History is There to be Beaten', the ads, by McCann London, feature players from this year's tournament rendered in a variety of vintage styles. 

(Source AdAge)

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