National Lotery - Tomorrowland

Data and research proof that Lotto-players are getting older year after year and that young adults are losing interest in ‘Lotto’, or worse: a lot of them don’t know how to play.



Rejuvenate Lotto’s brand image and increase awareness and consideration among young adults.

Strategy & solution

The idea was straight forward:  play Lotto on- or offline and participate with a unique code to a contest to win VIP-duo-tickets for ‘Tomorrowland’ on a specific campaign site.

Channels to engage: the idea was not to create a single TV commercial spot but 6 commercials video, fully adapted to the platforms on which they would be broadcasted (more effective with Generation Y) .
Specific contents have been developed in function of the platform used: Capitalization of known TV-format “Homo Toeristicus Jan Matthys” in a persiflage “Homo Festivalicus”.

Other video activities were managed at the trading desk, using the programmatic mechanics to optimize the campaign’s results towards viewability and completion rates, and targeting those that already engage with ‘Tomorrowland’ or have matching socio-demographic profiles. On top of that, the video campaign retargeted the cookie pool provided by the programmatic display campaign that ran simultaneously.


The campaign generated 2.000 new accounts, mostly young adults.  They appear to be recurrent players. Never before had we seen such a CTR on a video campaign. In total, the CTR was 2 times higher than forecasted (3.5% vs 1.18% estimated). One of the creatives generated 5.27% CTR, which has never been done before. Not only did sales increase beyond expectations, eighty percent of the effect was directly due to the target group the campaign was aiming at 18-34 y.o.

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