Light quotes

After 3 years under the “one brand umbrella”, it has been decided to take Coca-Cola light out of the “one brand strategy” of Coca-Cola and re- position it as a unique brand, with its own brand- and visual identity. Also it was important to make a revival of Coca-Cola Light’s brand edge and legacy: glamourous & fashionable.



The question that had to be resolved was : What kind of action could we do on the short term to captivate the attention of the active, fashion-minded young women in order to make them fall in love again with the Coca-Cola Light Taste while being fashionable?

Strategy & solution

First step: we put at the center of our activation a credible partner as far as fashion is concerned: ELLE Belgique / België.
We chose 2 influencers that were a match with CCLT and asked them to describe what a “light moment” meant for them and illustrate it with a “light quote”. An-Katrien Casselman and Virginie Philippot illustrated their way of seeing “light moments” and designed a Coca-Cola Light Taste basic T-shirt with their quote on it.
Instagram and Facebook were at the center of our online campaign: several content posts were made on both networks, Insta stories and FB dark posts were used to tease the audience about our action.


We reached a lot of positive results for both business and brand likeability:

Volume (kUC) and individual units increased in the last year, as well as penetration and repeat rate. But let’s be honest, it is difficult to correlate those good business results to the Elle activation.

But what has certainly been influenced by this activation are brand metrics like “for someone like me”, “brand I love” and “great tasting” that increased by more than 5 points within our core audience in the period.

Facebook people reached

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