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Social Media : The evolutions you can't miss [Infographic]

by Noelle Stevens - Trade Marketing Director // 06 Feb 2019

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In Belgium, 2018 was a busy year for the social media experts and marketers and that’s nothing new. 

Social media strategy needs to be constantly adapted to the changing trends and consumer behavior in order to maintain a level of efficiency and take advantage of the extensive new opportunities. 
If we look back over the last few months, we see many developing stories, which have sometimes been very contradictory. 

For 2019, we have identified 5 trends supported by emerging consumer behaviors or technologies that are developing quickly and should be available in Belgium very soon, if not already.  
These 5 key trends should help you to make the necessary changes to your tactics accordingly to the consumers' behavior.

Click on the image to download the infographic.


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ipg media brands - Belgium